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High Frequency Ozone


The High Frequency Ozone uses HF Ion technology. The high-frequency ion penetrates subcutaneous tissue to produce reactive oxygen, promoting metabolism, and improving cell activity. It promotes skin rejuvenation. It has an anti-bactericidal purifying effect that can kill acne bacteria.

HF Ion technology uses the strong oxidation of reactive oxygen radicals generated during gas discharge to release high-energy ultraviolet rays, acting as an anti-inflammatory on bacteria. In addition, it promotes skin rejuvenation and a firming effect.

Ozone output is 0.002ppm

With this tool, we recommend using the QUL Beauty Anti-Aging Moisturizer for anti-aging benefits. If your skin concern is acne, we recommended using the tool on dry skin.

Treatment Usages

  • Acne: Cleanse and exfoliate the face. Move (skim) the device over dry skin to kill bacteria.

  • Anti-aging: Cleanse and exfoliate. Move (skim) the device over dry skin to promote better cell activity and boost metabolism. This will also open pores creating better penetration of products. You can also use over product for antiaging effects—two to three minutes.

How to Use

  1. Press and hold on/off button for 2 seconds.
  2. The moving green lights will show when device is on.
  3. Store unit in base when not in use. Do not leave until plugged in continuously.
  4. Red LED’s will begin to appear as the charge gets lower. (4 green lights indicate full charge). Plug charging cord into base to charge unit. 2 hours for a full charge.
  5. The device is set for 5 minutes with an automatic shutdown function. If you want to use it longer, simply press the on/off button for 2 seconds to continue.


Please go to HERE to download the training PDF.


  1. Q: This product gives off a metallic smell when using it. What’s the problem?

    A: The high frequency current creates electrolysis of water and oxygen and nitrogen in the air. The metal smell is from this phenomenon. Plasma has no toxicity or radiation.

    Q: When using this device there is the feel of a slight current where cord plugs in.

    A: Plasma converts air into plasma by means of high frequency microcurrent. This process will generate microcurrent which may be apparent through that opening as well. Please do not touch the charging port at the bottom when the product is working.

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